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Stem Cell Treatment for Chronic Low Back Pain

A regenerative medicine company has just begun a phase 3 clinical trial of an investigational stem cell product, which is being developed to target moderate to severe chronic low back pain due to moderately degenerated discs. The SMART Clinic physicians have been recruited to participate in this exciting research opportunity, along with other leading centers in spine innovation worldwide.

Preliminary phase 2 data presented at the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference in January 2015 reported that the investigational stem cell product was well tolerated and was shown to result in substantial improvement in pain and function for at least 24 months. The phase 3 trial will be the first opportunity for Utah patients to participate. Dr. Krull and Dr. Bertram returned from the international research meeting regarding the research protocol at the end of March. Study enrollment of this phase 3 clinical trial has already begun.

“Data so far is encouraging,” Dr. Krull said of this opportunity. “This research is at the cutting edge of regenerative medicine technology. Cultured stem cells allow for high concentrations of cells to be delivered to injured tissue, where they may then stimulate a healing response. We need better options than what currently exists for the treatment of chronic disc pain related to degenerative disc disease.”

An estimated four million patients in the United States suffer from back pain due to moderately degenerated discs. This stem cell treatment will be an important option for patients who haven’t responded to conservative treatment options or steroid injections for pain relief. For these patients, surgery is currently the next option. This MPC product represents a promising, less invasive option to alleviate pain before surgery is considered.

Patient recruiting is already underway and you can find out more by visiting

Stem cells for back pain are projected to be commercially available between 2019 and 2022.