SMART Nutrition

Nutritionally-based eating for losing weight the SMART Way

In our clinic, we offer a healthier eating plan called Smart Nutrition. It’s a comprehensive approach to staying healthy, looking young, and feeling great. We don’t believe in diets, but in nutritionally based eating. We center our program around one-on-one nutritional coaching to better help our clients succeed, and thrive. Good nutritional coaching helps us stay healthy, perform at our best, and live long, active, productive and vibrant lives. Our coaches take a holistic approach in helping people look, perform and feel better. We help our clients reach their goals and potential by guiding them to make good nutritional choices–leading them to great outcomes.

What the program does:

  • We’ll help you identify limiting factors that keep you from reaching your goals.
  • Coaches provide goal-driven, evidence-based nutrition plan that clients can immediately apply the first day.
  • Coaches and Smart Nutrition apps provide constant support.

The coaches are part of the client’s support team with the client-centered result in mind. Listening to you is essential the process.

Make time for nutrition today or make time for disease tomorrow.

Call: 801-676-7632


Smart Nutrition includes both phone and desktop apps that allows you to create meal plans. You choose from a list of carbs, protein and fats. Smart Nutrition provides a complete, nutritionally balanced meal plan. Clients will learn how to use the apps to generate meals using thousands of foods with a vitamins/mineral guide that matches their current daily nutritional needs.


Our approach to this Smart Nutrition is twofold. First is to educate the client on how, when, how much, and what to eat. We empower the client to be 100% committed to this new lifestyle. Second, we work side-by-side with the client via phone, text or email to provide encouragement and guidance throughout the process. The client can choose to include a personal workout program through our SMART FIT program. We feel confident that with Smart Nutrition we will help you achieve your weight loss goals and help you look and feel younger again.


In order to help clients achieve their fitness goals, we provide a personalized 12-week nutrition plan with weigh-ins, measurements every 30 days, and constant support.

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Bill Castillo is a native of New York City. In 1996 he became a licensed massage therapist. Bill is a Certified Personal Trainer with the National Strength and Conditioning Association (since 2009). Currently he is a certified nutritional coach. He currently works in a physical therapy department as a clinical manual therapist with The SMART Clinic. Mr. Castillo is also a fitness group instructor for the city of Provo where he teaches M.R.T ( Metabolic Resistance Training) a high intensity workout to boost your metabolism and calorie expenditures for hours. Many professional, college, and high school teams, including NBA and Professional beach volley ball have used Bill’s proficiency.


Brad is the manager of The SMART CLINIC therapy and wellness department. He is a physical therapist who embraces the art and science of the profession. He is genuinely concerned with the well being of our clients. Having a good time while provided the best possible care is Brad’s goal as a clinician. He was educated at the University of Utah. Graduating with a degree as a physical therapist in 1996.