The REGN475 study: A major research opportunity for patients suffering from hip or knee pain!

Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) has recently emerged as a newly discovered mediator of pain. NGF causes pain in humans and animals and is found in increased concentrations in painful conditions. Inhibiting NGF reverses pain in animal and human models and has shown an ability to reduce pain and improve function in a wide spectrum of painful conditions, including osteoarthritis, chronic low back pain, diabetic peripheral neuropathy and possibly others. Antibodies that specifically target NGF represent a new class of medication for treating pain. REGN475 is one such anti-NGF antibody in clinical development.

So far, Anti-NGF antibodies do not appear to have the same cardiovascular or gastrointestinal safety risks like that of NSAIDs (Ibuprofen for example) and do not appear to have the abuse potential or central nervous system side effects of opioids. This is exciting news for those struggling to manage pain.

A recent study of knee osteoarthritis published in 2014 by the International Association for the Study of Pain concluded that REGN475 was generally well tolerated, was associated with a significant reduction in pain and also showed an improvement in physical function.

The Phase II clinical trial of REGN475 has just begun. Carefully selected patients with painful hip and/or knee osteoarthritis are invited to participate. Trial participants will receive a subcutaneous injection of study medication or placebo every 4 weeks for a total of 4 injections. Patients must meet the inclusion and exclusion criteria in order to enroll. We are excited to be involved in this important clinical research.

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