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Dr. Adelman

Expanding Your Skills: Spine Surgery Preceptorship

Physicians interested in developing new skills and gaining valuable experience can work with Dr. Adelman and The SMART Clinic in Salt Lake City, Utah to do just that. The program is unique and tailored directly for the experienced physician/surgeon seeking to expand their interventional skills and surgical management of their patient populations. The opportunity is designed to fit to each physician’s interest, expertise and experience level. The preceptorship is committed to training each participant to their highest level of expertise and credentialing.

Each physician shall be required to apply for a Utah medical license and successfully complete the Lone Peak Surgical Center credentialing status. The Lone Peak Surgical Center and the Utah Division of Licensing recognize and support a candidate’s successful participation in this program

Weekend meetings and conferences can only teach a physician so much about a new procedure or technique. The preceptorship with Dr. Adelman gives physicians the skills and spine surgery education to be able to confidently expand their practice’s capabilities. Furthermore, because he is a renowned professional in the field of minimally invasive spine care, working with Dr. Adelman is a valuable experience in simply becoming better at what you already do. The SMART Clinic has nearly 20 years of experience and expertise utilizing endoscopic discectomy and decompression spinal surgery.

What one physician had to say about the preceptorship:

“It is notoriously difficult for a practising, established physician to find ways to learn new procedures and techniques. Most of the ‘weekend offerings’ only begin to scratch at the surface when a physician is truly interested in expanding their experience and skill. Finding Dr. Adelman allowed me to go beyond the superficial and potentially dangerous “little knowledge” gained at meetings and skills labs. My experience with him and his staff at The SMART Clinic has not only taught me valuable new skills that I will incorporate in my practice; it has also allowed me to rekindle my interest in my subspecialty by making me better at what I was already doing. Meeting Dr. Adelman and working at The SMART Clinic made me a more well-rounded interventionalist and, more importantly, has provided me with a mentor and friend. Thank you!”

Mihnea Dumitrescu, MD
Precision Pain Consultants
Austin, Texas

Endoscopic Discectomy

Minimally invasive spine surgery to treat herniated disc is becoming an accepted and respected procedure. At The SMART Clinic, we’ve been perfecting this skill for more than a decade. In our spine surgery fellowship, physicians can learn from us about endoscopic discectomy, which in many ways is the future of herniated disc treatment.