health insurance for back proceduresOpen enrollment for health insurance started November 1, 2016, and goes until January 31, 2017. The uncertain healthcare world is leading many individuals and companies to make changes, or look for better options. Coverages are changing among the different insurers across the nation, including in Utah.

Beginning next year, you may be surprised to find that back procedures or other procedures performed at certain facilities are not covered by your insurer. For example, you may get surgery at the Lone Peak Surgical Center, and find that surgery there is not covered by every insurer.

This can mean more than an inconvenience; it can mean a substantial financial burned for many families. This is why people in Utah must make certain of what their coverage entails, and how it will change in 2017. Most health insurance companies will have list of providers or facilities that are covered under their plans, so ask for this information.

Often, however, the changes are hard to interpret, and are buried in a pages upon pages of text. Ask your insurer if they will cover procedures at The SMART Clinic or the Lone Peak Surgical Center in 2017. If the details aren’t clear, feel free to call either location to find out what insurance is accepted.

This will be especially important for current patients and those expecting to receive a procedure in 2017. If insurance coverage isn’t what you want, make sure to change insurance companies by the end of January, 2017.

If you’re having trouble, feel free to call us at The SMART Clinic at (801) 676-7627, or call the Lone Peak Surgical Center at 801-233-9300.

Why are the changes occurring?

Obamacare has resulted in significant changes to the health insurance marketplace. Insurance companies are adapting and changing, including in Utah, in order to cover both the new and existing enrollees, and to follow the new laws.