Salt Lake City’s Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Experts

Spine surgery has advanced in recent decades, and The SMART Clinic is at the forefront of that advancement, providing a wide variety of minimally invasive procedures for herniated discs, sciatica and other common back problems.

We are the most experienced leader in minimally invasive spine surgery in Utah and Salt Lake City, with nearly 15 years of not only performing these effective procedures, but also teaching them. We are focused on using the most minimally invasive approach to achieve the most successful spine surgery.

We have been both students of this approach and now have become educators and instructors in the techniques as our experience and expertise has grown. Thousands of patients have benefited from these surgery options and The SMART Clinic has established a nationally respected preceptorship for physician training.

Endoscopic Spine Surgery (Discectomy)

One of the minimally invasive spine procedures we offer here at The SMART Clinic is endoscopic discectomy, which is a procedure to shrink and remove a herniated disc, a common cause of back pain and back problems. Using specially designed instruments, our surgeons are able to operate on the herniated disc without a significantly open surgery. The surgery utilizes a high-resolution scope and an array of delicate instruments to directly visualize anatomy, remove the herniated portions of the disc, and even deal with many bone problems safely. The surgery may also utilize electrical bipolar energy or a laser probe to address complex problems.

The benefits of this modern approach to fixing a herniated disc are these:

• There is just one small incision made to allow access for the very small instruments. It can be covered with a band aid!
• No muscle or bone is dissected. This means faster recovery and less pain.
• Side effects are minimalized.
• With experience, complex bone and disk surgeries can be performed remarkably fast and with added safety.

Often, patients feel immediate relief after surgery. It is an outpatient procedure, and walking and light activity can often be done on the same day. This is the new expectation and nature of modern back surgery for common back pain. We don’t want to perform open surgery if we don’t have to!

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