Dr. Adelman is an increasingly renowned, internationally recognized expert on the forefront of modern spine surgery

Spine surgery has been rapidly evolving over the past several years at The SMART Clinic. The first endoscopic minimally invasive lumbar discectomy procedure was performed at our clinic in 1999, and the demand for this truly minimal surgery is appropriately rising. One of our country’s most prestigious spine surgery organizations recently revealed that the endoscopic discectomy approach to lumbar surgery is as effective and safe as the long-standing open micro discectomy surgery that we have relied on for decades. This is something The SMART Clinic has been experiencing for 15 years now. And, Dr. Adelman’s mentors have been performing this proven approach for 25 years!

China is now amongst the fastest growing medical markets demanding the minimally invasive endoscopic surgical option, and they performed more than 45,000 cases last year alone. Dr. Adelman recently returned from an invited speaking engagement at the 10th Annual Chinese Orthopedic Association (COA2015), in Chongqing, where he shared some of his work and teachings from the past 15 years.

“What an honor it was to be able to share my perspectives, experience and passion for the work we do at The SMART Clinic,” Dr. Adelman said. “It was also an opportunity to acknowledge and thank my mentors from all over the world as they were present and speaking at the conference as well.”

The COA2015 meeting enrolled somewhere around 30,000 attendees and Dr. Adelman reported that his lectures were actually converted to a Chinese version that ran simultaneously for his slide presentation. And all of the discussion questions were translated during the moderated collaborations.

“It was amazing to see the numbers of physicians and surgeons actively engaging the discussions and clearly absorbing the advancements,” he said.

An unexpected result was a personal invitation to an exclusive teaching conference to be held in Beijing, China for the upcoming summer.

World-Renowned Care In Utah

Utah residents are fortunate to have The SMART Clinic in such close proximity. Back and spine issues are so prevalent across the world, and the treatment in most cases is outdated. The SMART Clinic has the most experienced minimally invasive spine care specialists in Utah and the intermountain region. They don’t just perform minimally invasive spine surgeries (MISS), which is truly the shining star of spine care today, they also are an educational force, helping bring spine surgery to the next level around the world.

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